Palgrave Macmillan A Theological Account of Nat Turner

In this unique volume, Lampley analyzes the theology of Nat Turner's violent slave rebellion in juxtaposition with Old Testament views of prophetic violence and Jesus' politics of in New in consideration of history o


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Springer Attributions, Accounts, and Close Relationships

ATTRIBUTIONS, ACCOUNTS AND CLOSE RELATIONSHPIS documents attributional and accounts approaches to the study of close relationships. Issues of focus include communication blems in marriage their with causal butions;


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Routledge An Account of the British Settlement of Aden in Arabia

First Published in 1968. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


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OUP Oxford Out of Body and Near Death Experiences

Personalised accounts of out of body (OBE) and near death (NDE) experiences are frequently interpreted as offering evidence for immortality an afterlife. Since most follow severe curtailments of cerebral circulation with loss of consci


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T & T Clark Politics in Friendship: A Theological Account

Guido de Graaff explores the political dimension and significance of friendship, arguing that its specific contribution lies not only in theological approach, also in particular focus distinguishing 'political' from 'social' an


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Psychology Press Connectionist Approaches To Clinical Problems in Speech

Connectionist accounts of language acquisition, processing, and dissolution proliferate despite attacks from some linguists, cognitive scientists, engineers. Although the networks of exquisitely interconnected perceptrons postulated by PDP


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Psychology Press Consistency in Cognitive Social Behaviour

Social psychology remains unbalanced as long as we study human behaviour exclusively 'from the outside', leaving of account people's own reasons for acting as they do. Originally published in 1982, result of author's emphasis on co


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Routledge The Journey to Rome

This title, first published in 1988, examines accounts of religious conversion contained in the personal narratives of nineteenth century American coverts to Roman Catholicism. Given their newly acquired status as members of an unpopular


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University of Texas Press Account of the Fables and Rites of Incas

Only a few decades after the Spanish conquest of Peru, third Bishop of Cuzco, Sebastián de Lartaún, called for a report on religious practices of Incas. The was prepared by Cristóbal de Molina, a priest of Hospital N


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NYU Press Violent Accounts

Violent Accounts presents a compelling study of how ordinary people commit extraordinary acts of violence and perpetrators victims manage in the aftermath. Grounded in extensive, qualitative analysis of testimony, th


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